What is this site

The Contents of this site are provided by SunnyGoGo and SCHEMA,inc.

About SunnyGoGo


Local Fruits From Tainan’s at its finest.

SunnyGogo is a brand of dried fruits products from Tainan, Taiwan.
With the finest ingredients selected from Tainan, we want to provide the original taste from to fruit to our client. With no use of additives, we want people know the tastiness of natural from out products.
Each of our products was made with our thoughts, we hope you enjoy it!


SunnyGoGo only uses selected ingredients such as Guanmiao pineapple from Tainan. Guanmiao pineapple is known for its juicy, sour taste and its rich fruity smell.


Ingredients are only selected by the professionals and cut carefully right before the process of making them into products.


The Irwin mango we’re using as our ingredients is selected from this little county called YuChing from Tainan, which was also known as the hometown of mango. Irwin mango from YuChing grows its rich flavor with the finest growing environment and the sunshine from the south side of Tainan.


SCHEMA, Inc. (Schema Co., Ltd.) is a production director group responsible for a wide range of creative business on design, such as web site construction, UI / UX design of smartphone applications, graphic design, CI / VI planning, etc. In order to pursuit of creativity changing by the times, we will continue to propose creative design for problem solving, taking mobility and action power as first priority. Recently, we are engaged in the communication field of enterprises such as service design and product development regardless of domestic and overseas.

Thoughts of the designs

As the design team who works for SunnyGogo, SCHEMA,inc wanted to let more people learn about SunnyGoGo’s main concept of their brand, making healthy food that people can eat without worrying with the original taste of the fruit.

For the design of Sunny Impression series, the concept of the design is that we want to visualize the making process of the fruit cake, from how it looks originally as a fruit, being smashed as ingredient, to reforming and transforming into fruit cake. Showing the process in an abstract way with color blocks from each flavor, which was also known as Cubism.

Same as the name of the brand, SunnyGoGo, we want people to be relaxed and happy when seeing the design. Colorful design is also fun for everyone!

It’s like observing things from different angles, you could have different thoughts from each angles. We want people to know it’s not only fun at the outside, it’s actually really good products with healthy and natural tastiness.

Original product planning with SCHEMA,inc?

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