Pineapple cake
&Mango cake

Our pineapple cake was only made from 100% of Guanmiao pineapple and our mango cake was only made from 100% Irwin mango. We insist using local ingredients from Taiana because of their unique tastiness and their flavorable sweetness.
Except using fresh fruit for the stuffing, we also add some dried fruits to be more chewy and tasty!

Dried Fruit
&Herb Water

The name of the product was came up from the image of infused water with dried fruits and herbs inside. Each pack of the ingredients are made of seasonal dried fruits and herbs. Dried fruits are made from fruits being dried with the warmth of the sun, with infusing water into the glass, the preserved tastiness of dried fruits and herbs awaking from the moistness and it looks like they are dancing in the glass, which also became our illustration on the package.

Dried Fruit

SunnyGoGo’s dried fruits only use fresh local fruit from Tainan, and they don’t contain any additives. Our dried fruits product are made with 36~60 hours low temperature drying, and been flipping over every 4 hours to make sure each bite of the fruit will taste just the same with the chewy and sweetness from the fruit originally.